About Significance

People from all walks of life rely on statistics and statistical analysis to make better decisions. Scientists use it to assess the effectiveness of drugs, politicians to develop policy, and company managers to create and improve products and services.

Significance explains how and why statistics helps in these and other areas of life, science and commerce.

Our articles are written by statisticians for anyone with an interest in the analysis and interpretation of data.

We challenge myths, provide a unique perspective on the stories of the day, and use statistics to answer society's most difficult questions.

Significance is an official magazine and website of both the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) and the American Statistical Association (ASA). Members can access the latest Significance content, plus back issues, through the RSS and ASA member portals.

Non-members can purchase individual subscriptions and articles through our publisher, Wiley

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Editorial board

RSS members
Gianluca Baio (University College London)
Sheila Bird (MRC Biostatistics Unit)
Mario Cortina Borja (University College London)
Carlos Grajales (Statistical consultant)
Francesca Little (University of Cape Town)
Robert Matthews (Aston University)
Allan Reese (Independent consultant)
E. Marian Scott (University of Glasgow)
James Tucker (Office for National Statistics)
Michael Wallace (University of Waterloo)

ASA members
James Cochran (University of Alabama)
Marco Geraci (University of South Carolina)
Amanda Golbeck (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences)
Mary J. Kwasny (Northwestern University)
Qizhai Li (Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Megan Price (Human Rights Data Analysis Group)
V. A. Samaranayake (Missouri University of Science and Technology)
Alan Schwarz (New York, NY)
Susan Spruill (Applied Statistics and Consulting)
Kelly Zou (Pfizer)


For journalists
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