October 2022 issue out now

October cover

The October 2022 issue of Significance is out now! A special issue celebrating women in statistics and data science, it's 100% free to read in honour of the International Day of Women in Statistics & Data Science on 11 October.

Women statisticians and data scientists stand front and centre in the October issue of Significance, guest edited by Altea Lorenzo-Arribas and Sandra Alba. From often-overlooked pioneers of the past to modern-day heroines breaking down barriers in the 21st century, find out more about some of the discipline’s key figures, and explore new statistical ideas about how to build a fairer society.

October issue highlights:

The female of the species: Baboon mothers and a courageous career move Lucy Cooke celebrates the “fiercely analytical mind” of Jeanne Altmann, whose statistical work in the 1960s rescued animal mothers from evolutionary obscurity

A place where women thrived: UK Social Survey Official Statistics Women had a strong presence in the workforce of UK Social Survey Official Statistics from its inception. Joy Dobbs was part of a cohort of women recruited in the 1970s and 1980s as government survey statistics expanded. This cohort joined and enhanced an environment and culture that nurtured and developed female talent, including two women who became National Statistician

Bayesian networks versus gender bias Gender-sensitive statistics can highlight gender gaps, but current measurement tools have serious limitations. Here, Fulvia Mecatti, Paola Vicard, Flaminia Musella and Lorenzo Giammei explore how Bayesian networks could help improve the measurement, monitoring and prediction of gender equality

Gender equity in digital health: AI as a double‑edged sword Alyssa Columbus describes flaws in statistical methods used by digital health platforms, how these shortcomings could contribute to gender health disparities, and what can be done to minimise inequities

“They are not alone”: Mentoring women graduate students Women and other historically marginalised groups can feel out of place on advanced degree programmes – mentoring can help. Here, Emily Griffith and Julia Sharp – both winners of the Outstanding Mentor Award from the ASA’s Statistical Consulting section – show how

Bot out of hell: Interview with Francesca Lawson Last International Women’s Day, the Twitter Gender Pay Gap Bot mined government data to sensationally unmask hypocritical employers. Its co-creator Francesca Lawson tells Altea Lorenzo-Arribas and Sandra Alba how it happened, and why data is nothing without visibility

“We are still not done”: Interview with Tomi Mori Japanese biostatistician Motomi “Tomi” Mori is chair of the organising committee of the inaugural International Day of Women in Statistics and Data Science on 11 October 2022, and served as the President of the Caucus for Women in Statistics last year. She speaks candidly to Altea Lorenzo-Arribas about her work and the challenges she has faced

Profile: Violet Cane She ditched her PhD to help defeat the Nazis, and is remembered as a kind teacher and funny friend. Here, Rob Gandy, Altea Lorenzo-Arribas and Richard Startup celebrate the life and work of pioneering British statistician Professor Violet Cane