Can you help us explain the statistics of Covid-19?


At this time of pandemic, the news media is flooded with reports of coronavirus cases, treatments, deaths, and data and terminology that may prove confusing and/or overwhelming for members of the public. As a publication committed to explaining statistical ideas and concepts, we want to help readers understand what’s going on, to make sense of the data they are confronted with, and to put important information into the appropriate context.

To that end, we invite statisticians and data scientists to get in touch with us if they would like to contribute to our coverage of this unfolding crisis.

We are particularly interested in short articles (no more than 1,000 words and two graphs/tables) on the following topics:

  • Basic data for public reporting in pandemics
  • Basic epidemiology in relation to Covid-19
  • Demography and the pandemic
  • Testing and surveillance
  • Modelling the pandemic
  • Forecasting the pandemic
  • Visualising the pandemic
  • Health services statistics
  • Health economics statistics
  • Vaccines and treatments
  • The effect of the pandemic on society, local and global
  • The effect of the pandemic on economies, local and global
  • The effect of the pandemic on geopolitics
  • Machine learning and the pandemic
  • The history of pandemics

Potential contributors are invited to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please tell us about which particular topic(s) you are interested in, any relevant expertise you have, any initial article ideas that you may wish to explore, and – where possible – examples of your writing for a general, non-technical audience.

Thank you.


We would also like to draw readers' attention to this call for proposals from the Royal Statistical Society for a "discussion meeting on statistical aspects of the Covid‐19 pandemic". Abstracts are invited to be submitted by 20 July 2020.